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Dave Birdsall

wow.  your right, i am amazed and will pass this on to other people in true vox spirit.  really its exceptional.  thanks.  dave


A great bit of work with no blues!....Peace...Mojo


well done. you could make a living doing this.

Born in Atlantis

In Reply to Ann -
Ok Ann - Send me a payment - I'll set it up on Paypal!! Yes maybe for brithdays and special ocasions - would anyone pay!!

Born in Atlantis

In reply to Mojo Morgan -

Yes no blues - you are right -

Homework for Mojo Morgan - Thinking along the lines of Fleetwood Mac's Oh Well with its two moods - create a piece of music for Atlantis before the flood (with no blues) and after the flood when the blue blue sea took over!
(trevor - ever the creative writing tutor!) - I'll put it on the site!!

Jim Pryal

[this is good] Great Trev. I wanna live there. Are you organising any package trips?

Writers' Café

Only virtual ones - no offence Jim but mortals would only destroy it!
Born in Atlantis (albeit with the wrong icon here!)

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